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Letná Park

The Letná Park

The park in Letná is the second biggest park in Prague 7. The park covers the area of 25 hectares. The purpose of this site has been  changed many times during the history of Prague. Since the half of the 19th century  it has been used as the park for public.
Regarding the tree species in the park – there are mainly spruces, poplars, sallows and huge plane trees.   If you walk from Holešovice you will firstly  pass the Expo 58 restaurant, after a few hundred meters you can can enjoy the beautiful view of Prague from the garden restaurant opposite to Letná chateau. After few minutes of walking you will find yourself among  the skateboardres, they use the site ,  where originally the Stalin monument stood. The existence of  this huge 65 meters high monument of Soviet dicator Stalin  (sometimes nicknamed „the queue for meat“ ) lasted only seven years, it was blown up in 1962 after Stalin´s crimes had been revealed.  There is also the metronome made up for the annual exhibition in 1991 on the basement of the former monument. The plans to rebuild the site of the former monument and turn it into the oceanarium were recently introduced. If this project is approved , Prague will lose very famous meeting point for the young skateboarders, that is famous also abroad.  In 1892, the pavilion from the exhibition site  was donated by the prince Vilem from Hanau (the pavilion acquired  his name) to Prague City Hall. Currently the pavilion is used as the luxurious restaurant. In 1911 the former Czech prime minister Karel Kramář built the pseudo-baroque style villa at  the corner of Letná park above the road to underground , which is now used as the residence of the prime ministers.

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