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Molochov House Complex

The complex of residental called „Molochov“ (the origin of the nickname is not known) is situated along Milada Horáková street next to
the Axa Arena – the stadium of Sparta Prague . The house block consists of fourteen detached houses. Originally the houses were designed separately but later  the whole block was given the  unified design. The task to propose was firstly given to the architects Kohn brothers, but later the project was entrusted to the architect Josef Havlíček, the member of art union Devětsil. The interiors of the buildings were not unificated. The level of the equipment in the houses was superior to the common standards at that time- elevators, phone boxes on the ground floors, very spacious apartments with the hall, two bathrooms and the balcony.
Ater the communist putsch the house was occupied mainly by the employers of the near-by Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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