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EXPO 58 restaurant

The restaurant Expo 58 is regarded as one of the most beautiful building, which was realized during the second half of the 20th century. It was built together with the exhibition pavilion in order to represent the former Czechoslovakia at the World exhibition in Brusseles in 1958. The architects of the building František Cubr, Josef Hrubý and Zdeněk Pokorný created the unique building which recieved the highest award „The Grand Prix“ in Brusseles. The   award was given due to highly rated new technology of  removable steel skeleton in combination with plastic, also the interior was created by using the original furniture.   

After the huge success in the exhibition the building was dismantled and transfered  back to Prague. The place for rebuilding was chosen on the edge of Letenské sady at it was put partly on the wine cellars from the 18th century. 

Then the building was used for its original purpose. The restaurant was sold in 1991 to the private owner and the further changes of owners, problematic managment and vandalism almost led to its destruction. In 2001 the building was restored. On one hand the restaurant was saved, but the purpose of it was changed and also the interior of newly reconstructed building has nothing to do with the original one designed in the fifties. Currently the Expo restaurant is the domicile of the advertising agency. 

The exhibition „Brusseles Dream“ about the Czech participation at  Expo 58 commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Brusseles event (14th May 08- 21st September 08- The City Gallery Prague, 21st September 08- 1st March 09-Moravian Gallery Brno)  

further information (EN, GER) : http://www.archinform.net/projekte/1072.htm?ID=b21a92b1e3b2a68ebae96aaa28b1ac90

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