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Hanau Pavilion

The Hanau pavillion is another building, whose origin is linked to the Jubillee Exhibion in 1891. The unique building is constructed from the iron, concrete and the glass. Its draft  was designed  by the German architect Otto Gieser in the  Dutch new-baroque style. The basic iron construction was moulded in Komárov in the central Bohemia. When the exhibition finished, the pavillion was given to the city of Prague by its owner prince Wilhelm from Hanau (the building´s name is derived from the city the prince came from) dismantled  and transported from the exhibition site to the edge of Letná park. The building has undergone two major reconstructions  in 1967 and 1987. Nowadays the visitors can enjoy the view of central Prague  from its terrace, as the building is used as the stylish restaurant.  

(see http://www.hanavskypavilon.cz/index.php?jazyk=en)


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