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Primary education in Prague 7

There are seven primary schools in Prague 7 City District under its direct competence and two other schools as well. Apart from the compulsory program specified by the government, the schools provide their pupils with a variety of optional subjects and courses suited to their needs and interests thus filling their free time and preventing them from negative activities. The City District itself puts a great emphasis on the prevention against drugs.

All schools have an advisory body to the director called “School Council”, that consists of representatives of the school, the parents and the city district. The Council is responsible for upholding the children rights.

The pupils start to study languages on the fourth grade, the first foreign language being English, in accordance with the will of vast majority of parents. There are also programs of enhanced language studies, where the pupils start with the first language as soon as in the third grade and take another one in the sixth grade. Up to today, all schools have been equipped with a good-quality computer lab.

The most popular additional classes and courses among the pupils are indeed sports, especially football, basketball, baseball and floorball. All schools participate on inter-schools tournaments and the winners can proceed up to the national level. Other popular courses include singing, painting, literature and theatre courses; recently there has been a rise of interest in environmental issues. Every school organizes a swimming course on the third grade and a skiing course on the seventh grade.

Brief description of the primary schools

Primary school of F. Plamínková

The school is focused on language learning, the first language being English and the second being German or French. The pupils can participate on conversation with native speakers. Classes of Spanish, Italian and Russian are currently being prepared. The school also provides artistic courses (ceramic, painting, etc.). The school has partners in France and England that enable mutual exchange stays.

Primary school Umělecká

The school provides enhanced education in music and one class with extended language program. There are 8 sports clubs, 3 artistic courses, 7 courses of Englis conversation and a theatre course.

Primary school Strossmayerovo náměstí

The school is focused mainly on optional sports courses, but from this year on provides also additional English and German classes. Ceramic course is also among the most popular ones.

Primary school Tusarova

The school focuses on English. Cooperation with HC Sparta induced a great interest in ice-hockey.

Primary school Korunovační

The school cooperates with a German school and a primary school from Belgrade, Serbia. Korunovacni is also involved in an experimental program of integration of mentally handicapped pupils to an ordinary school. Among optional courses the artistic ones together with dancing and ballet are the most popular.

Primary school TGM Ortenovo náměstí

The school puts emphasis on English (optionally from the first grade), popular courses include theatre, movies and ceramic.

Primary school Letohradská

The school enables „home education“ and integrates pupils with learning difficulties (dysgraphia, dyslexia). The pupils can get involved in ceramic and artistic courses. The school cooperates with scholls in Italy, Spain and Germany.

Other schools

ZUŠ Šimáčkova provides additional afternoon music courses (singing, playing various musical instruments); DDM Šimáčkova provides various sport  and technical courses for children. There is also a Brothers‘ church school run by the archbishopric.

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